2-Bit Bub is an app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It is available for free in the iTunes app store. 

Game Description

Below is the details of the game. Taken from the iTunes website .

THE OFFICIAL MOBILE GAME FROM PARANORMAN, the animated zombie comedy of the year. 2-BIT BUB is an adorably odd action-puzzler featuring mobile gaming's weirdest new hero, Bub, a ghost-dog in two bits. Slingshot Bub's ectoplasmically conjoined body through stunning visuals pulled straight from the movie!

  • Play through 60 levels in 15 dazzling locations
  • Collect and share Norman's zombie posters
  • Earn dog tags through Game Center Achievements
  • Immerse yourself in the handmade world of ParaNorman
  • Play along with original msuic by Jon Brion

The Story

Norman Babcock knows all the ghosts in Blithe Hollow. And none of them gets into more trouble than Bub. It all started when Bub ran in front of an animal rescue van (tragic, and ironic), thus beginning his afterlife as a bisected ghost-dog. Next, he took to playing bones from the old graveyard. Turns out those were zombie bones, and the zombies want them back! Now Bub's on a mission to collect all the bones he lost, swinging through levels on ghostly orbs to reach his goal!



ParaNorman 2-BIT BUB Game Trailer

ParaNorman 2-BIT BUB Game Trailer



  • 2-Bit Bub is similar to the game Girp.