Alan Cook

Alan Cook is an art director at House Special, LLC, and visual development artist at Laika Entertainment, where he worked as a graphic designer and designer for ParaNorman.

He attended Sheridan College (2004-08), earning a Bachelors in Applied Arts, Animation, and worked as an intern at Chuck Gammage Animation (2005). Alan also worked as a technical director at JibJab (2008-2010), an animator at Walt Disney Imagineering (2009), an animator at Gunshop (2009), and a children's book illustrator at Rubicon Publishing (2008-09).



  • The Boxtrolls (2014) - character designer / prop designer
  • ParaNorman (2012) - graphic designer / prop designer

Video Shorts

  • He's Barack Obama (2009) - visual effects
  • Never a Year Like '09 (2009) - animation department.

Concept Art Gallery

External Links

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