Edward Juan

Edward Juan is a children's book illustrator at Catbird Agency and worked as an illustrator and conceptual artist, and graphic designer on ParaNorman. He studied BFA, Character Animation at the California Institute of the Arts (2003-07) and BFA, Graphic Design at Parson School of Design (2001-03).

Edward previously worked as an editorial illustrator at Los Angeles Magazine (2014), a character designer at Cartoon Network (2013-14), a freelance illustrator at Williamette Week (2014), and a Freelance Graphic designer at Evviva Brands (2013-14) for ipad and iphone games. A freelance illustrator at Cossette (2013) on editorial illustrations, a production designer for JibJab Media (2013) on a video short as part of the Storybots Project, an editorial illustrator at Western Living Magazine/Vancouver Magazine (2013) illustrating map images, and a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios (2013), producing conceptual beat boards on a developing feature film. He was also an editorial illustrator at Sunset Magazine (2013), a character designer at Fashion Buddha (2012-13), working on character designs for a smartphone game app., a character designer at Cartoon Network (2013) for a green light pilot, and a freelance designer, visual development artist, and graphic designer at Laika (2007-13). A visual development artist on Cartoon Network (2007) as a background artist for an early story development of "Ape Escape", a freelance illustrator at Nickelodeon (2007) as a visual development art for a show pilot, and an illustrator at Laika House (2006).

Edward was also an intern at Pixar Animation Studios (2007), and at Plymptoon Studios (2002).



TV Series

  • Random! Cartoons (2007-2009) - background artist for 6 episodes

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