Mr. Prenderghast
Name: Mr. Prenderghast
Gender: Male
Race: Human (formerly)
Age: 61
Hometown: Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts, USA
Family: Sandra Babcock (niece)
Courtney Babcock (great-niece)
Norman Babcock (great-nephew)
Perry Babcock (nephew-in-law)
Aggie (distant relative)
Aggie's mom (distant relative)
Status: Deceased
Portrayal: John Goodman
Appeared in: Paranorman

Mr. Prenderghast is the great-uncle of Norman Babcock and Courtney Babcock and is the uncle of Sandra Babcock. He is voiced by John Goodman. He is 61-year-old. He is born in 1951 and died in 2012.

Because of his gift to speak to the dead (which is also passed down to his nephew Norman) Mr. Prenderghast was holding back the witch's curse. Which of his relatives did it before is unknown. Every year, the bedtime story "Sleeping Beauty" would be read at the witch's grave, keeping her asleep for another year.

Mr. Prenderghast is first seen when Normans parents mention that he probably doesn't even know what Norman looks like.Cut to his house, which is plastered with photos of Norman. Mr.Prenderghast is old and sickly and he realizes there isn't much time left for him, and he has to pass the torch to the next person who has the gift... Norman. He attempts to warn Norman,who has been seeing visions because of the witch's curse, but he is chased away by Norman's friend Neil via threatening to throw spicy hummus at him . At his home, he plans to make Norman understand, but dies after getting the book. He seems to come back (his spirit goes back into his body) and gloats at his survival, but then dies again. Seeing that he's floating, and putting his hand through his stomach, he exclaims "Ah nuts..." 

Norman is in the school bathroom and Mr. Prenderghast goes to him and tells him that he needs to get the book (not mentioning its a bedtime story) at the witch's grave, stopping the curse. He makes Norman swear to do it and, when Norman does, his unfinished business is done, letting him move on to the afterlife, free.



  • Mr. Prenderghast is Sandra Babcock's uncle, since he is Norman's great-uncle.


  •  According to the book, he's been holding back the witch's curse for 50 years.