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Hannah Noyes

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Not much is known about Salma outside of her name and status as Neil's friend, as she's seen hanging with him as well as trusting him enough to give him her number.

An overachiever, she is impatient when Norman calls her during her studies though he stresses it's deadly important. She's also a bit of a nitpicker on history, as she's the one to point out that the Witch, who she plays during the school play, probably doesn't look like the stereotypical witch.

Her home is decorated with many awards for academic achievements.


  • "Why is the witch always a hideous old crone with a pointy hat and a broomstick? I don't believe this is historically accurate, Mrs. Henscher."
  • "So Norman, let me get this straight. You guys go on this big supernatural adventure, and you're calling me in the middle of the night because you need someone to help you do your homework?"
  • "Well, duh! People found guilty of witchcraft weren't considered people anymore."



  • Her last name is Ramsay, as seen on one of her trophies.
    Salmas Trophies

    Salma's trophies

  • According to the movie, one of her trophies confirm her I.Q to be 192.
  • She seems to be taking an interest in Fusion Reactors, as she seen with a book called "My First Fusion Reactor" and a trophy labeled "Fusion Reactor"


  • Salma had a more major role in the book.
  • She doesn't really consider Norman as a friend until the end after she helps him find Aggie's death certificate and stop the zombies.
  • According to the book, Salma's parents lecture her if she gets an A instead of an A+. 
  • In the movie, only Norman and Neil are bullied by Alvin; but in the book, she is included. Alvin wrote "geekula" on her locker.
  • She (along with Norman, Neil, and Alvin) have the same science teacher named Mr. Feynman.
  • She writes an extra part in the book (for extra credit), telling the history about the Salem witch trials and how it affected Blithe Hollow.