Since ParaNorman is a stop-motion movie, I decided that from now on, Trivia will be split into three sections: Movie, Book, and the new section "Did You Know?"

The "Did You Know?" section is where we post the info for when they were making the movie (in-production). Don't get it? Here's an example...  

Let's say we're doing trivia for Norman...

Norman Babcock

(put character info here, blah blah blah)



  • Norman is constantly bullied by Alvin and his friends.


  •  According to the book, three strange events happened on the day of Norman's birth. The lights in the maternity blew their fuses when they announced that he was a boy, the dogs across the street set up a strange chorus of howling around the same time, and two men finishing their shifts at Witchy Wieners saw a question mark shaped rainbow in the sky, even though it was one in the morning.

Did You Know?

  •  There are 275 spikes in Norman’s signature hair style. His hair was primarily made out of goat hair held together with hot glue, hair gel, fabric, and super glue – as well as medical adhesive, Pros-Aide make-up adhesive, thread, and wire. Once built, it was hand-finished with paint and human hair dye.


So there you go, it looks like a good idea, so I might as well do it. (BTW I just found this info in a site, I copied and paste). That is allowed. You can either find info at a site and copy and paste it here, or put it in your own words (that way, it'd be fair :D)

Have fun editing and finding info!