It's been getting into my nerves and I'm about to contact the admins to block you vandalizers. Stop posting false info. You can do the following: 1. Create your own wiki: I've seen lots of false info such as Deputy Dwayne being Neil's and Mitch's adoptive father and that his name is Wade, that Sheriff Hooper is a male and not a female, Salma and Hooper are related, and that Salma has a crush on Norman (we will find that out in the future). Posting false info that comes from your head and imagination is called "fanfiction" (for dummies, if you don't know that yet). And you're not typing real info from the movie. If you want to post false info and vandalise this wiki for ParaNorman fans all over the world, then PLEASE, don't do it on this wiki. If you want to write false info, do it on sites like or the best way is to create your own wiki where you can make your own ParaNorman Fanfiction, then you can allow other people to share their own stories.

2. I think you users who post false info (vandalism is bad, and wikia will ban you) are trying to pull our legs. Nice try, we know our knowledge. So if you're not joking, please add a source (the site where you got the info).

or 3: Give up. Post false info or not, we will still try our best to prevent vandalism.

Oh, and if you keep this up, you know what I'm gonna do.

I will be editing this wiki more often, and I will make sure no false information is typed in.

Thank you.

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